May 2022 Board of Education Regular Meeting

Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President


Mrs. Robyn Almanson, Board MemberX  
Mr. Mike Grady, Board MemberX  
Mr. Bill Hope, Board MemberX  
Mrs. Morgan Jones, Board MemberX  
Mr. Dennis Long, Board MemberX  
Mr. Bill McFarland, Board Member   
Mrs. Margie Prater, Board MemberX  
Mr. Richard Prater, Board Vice-PresidentX  
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Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board PresidentX  
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Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President


Superintendent Nickoli explained the revisions to the hourly pay schedule included steps added for the Career Coaches and an increase in hourly pay for the Student Helpers to make their pay more competitive.

No questions or discussion.  Sent to vote.

4.1 Approve April 18, 2022 Board of Education Meeting Minutes
Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

4.2 Adopt Resolution for Approval of Student Insurance Rates for 2022-23 School Year

4.3 Approve Revisions to Hourly Pay Schedule
Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Recommendation of Superintendent Gregory D. Nickoli that the revisions ot the Hourly Pay Schedule be approved for employees not covered by the Master Agreement.

4.4 Approve Service Level Agreement and FY23 Contract between Pioneer and NCOCC

4.5 Accept Donations
Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Recommendation of Superintendent Gregory D. Nickoli that the following donations be approved:

  • Domino's Pizza, Willard; generous donation of $160 worth of pizza's for lunches for students working during our Community Service Day in the Willard area.
  • Flower Cart Florist, Galion; generous donation of $300 worth of pizzas for lunches for students working during our Community Service Day in the Galion area.
  • Hale's Harley Davidson, Lee & Brittany Hale, Mansfield; generous donation of miscellaneous items for our Military/Student Appreciation day with an approximate value of $375.  These items include:  T-shirts, hats, coasters, gift cards, Harley Davidson bag, key chains, tire pressure gauges etc.
  • Ann Kleilein, Delaware, OH; generous monetary donation of $500 for the Art Barr Scholarship Fund.  This fund is used for annual student scholarships.
  • Luke Kleilein, Delaware, OH; generous monetary donation of $100 for the Art Barr Scholarship Fund.  This fund is used for annual student scholarships.
  • Lane Kleilein, Delaware, OH; generous monetary donation of $50 for the Art Barr Scholarship Fund.  This fund is used for annual student scholarships.
  • Mechanics Bank, Mansfield, OH; generous monetary donation of $500.  This donation will be used for the purchase and printing of the Community Service day t-shirts for Pioneer staff and students.
  • Dawn Wright-Smith; Blackbaud Giving Fund, Charleston, SC; generous monetary donation of $60.  This donation will be deposited in the Alumni Endowment fund and used for annual student scholarships.

4.6 Approve Student Participation in Competitive Events
Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Recommendation of Superintendent Gregory D. Nickoli that the following student be approved for participation in competitive events as follows:

State FFA Convention, Columbus, OH, May 5-6, 2022

STUDENT:  Wesley Madison, Precision Machining Technology, South Central HS.

SkillsUSA National Championships, Atlanta, GA; June 20-24, 2022

CRIMINAL JUSTICE STUDENTS:  Amanda Aguirre, Shelby HS; Reagan Henry, Madison HS; and Summer Kennard, Willard HS.  CHAPERONES:  Dan George, Criminal Justice Instructor and Christi Smith, SkillsUSA Lead Advisor.

Linda Schumacher, Treasurer


Treasurer Schumacher reported as follows:

We received our new Health Insurance rates at the Jefferson Health Plan semi-annual Spring meeting.  Their proposal was 8.12%.  I offered 3.36% because this is the increase they presented that would be the increase for the entire consortium if it were one entity.  They came back with 3.55% and I accepted.  So, I think we did pretty good starting out at 8.12% and finalizing at 3.55%.  There is a 0% increase in dental coverage and 0% increase in vision coverage. We are still waiting on the life insurance quote and the rates from SORSA.  We will have all of those ready for your approval for the June meeting.

On the 002 Bond Retirement Fund, we are still waiting on the approval from the Court to make the transfer of that $14,657.73 to the General Fund.  Food Services has a positive balance heading into the summer which is a good sign that they should make it through the summer and start the new school year with a positive balance.  The balance in the Adult Ed Fund continues to decline as we head toward the summer months.  Hopefully, we will be able to run some classes during the summer.

In the General Fund in our State Foundation payment, we received an IWIP (Innovative Workforce Incentive Program) payment of $156,250.00.  This program seeks to increase the number of high school students who earn industry-recognized credentials in priority industry sectors.  It offers schools additional dollars to continue these programs and establish new programs in these priority industry sectors.  House Bill 110 includes $12.5M in both FY21 and FY22 to incentivize school districts to implement the Innovative Workforce Incentive program.  School districts receive $1,250 for each qualifying credential earned by students.  Pioneer received $1,250 for AWS (Certified Welding Inspector), $1,250 for Child Development Associate Credential (CDA), $11,250 for Microsoft Technology Associate - Developer, $10,000 for Microsoft Technology Associate – IT Infrastructure, $100,000 for NCCER Core and $32,500 for Programmable Logic Controllers Certification – Allen Bradley.

We are still waiting on the Homestead and rollback payments for Richland County and Ashland County.

Five-Year Forecast

We are filing this forecast during the recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The effects of the pandemic continue to impact our economy as inflation during April hit a 40 year high.  While the increased inflation impacting our district’s costs are expected to continue in the short-term, we are still not sure whether this will continue over the next few years which could have a significant impact on our forecast.

I want to just point out a few line items that have changed significantly since the November forecast.  Collections in PUPP taxes were down for this fiscal year by almost $200,000.  Until the Rover Pipeline appeal is settled, we don’t know from one payment to the next what Rover is going to be paying or which payment they will be paying it in.  The appeal was to be heard in May of 2022 and has now been postponed until August, 2022.  We have also increased the Personnel line item and the Operating Transfers out.  If you remember, we raised the Permanent Improvement transfer up to $500,000.

I have a few quick slides to show you.  This first one is just a graph showing the cash balance and spending.  These graphs are all found in the notes to the Forecast.  As you can probably imagine, this graph shows Expenditures increasing over the few years and our cash balance decreasing over the five years.  We have modeled the Revenues flat-lined because of the uncertainty of the new funding formula.  Should the legislature decide not to continue the phase in in the next biennial budget, we have to prepare for that.

The next slide shows the ending cash balance by year. It is recommended that we have no less than a 60-day balance, but with this cash balance forecast, we will have 240 true cash days in FY26. (Days we could operate at year-end if no additional revenues were received.)

Next, we have a chart showing the percentage of each revenue that makes up our total revenues.  As you can see, the State of Ohio contributed 61% of our total revenues in FY22.  Then in this next slide you can see the ration of Local vs. State revenues.  This graph models the State revenues flat-lining and the Local revenues growing as valuations increase.  At this point we are pretty much modeling PUPP tax at the rate of collection until Rover is settled.  So, the increase in Local funding are due to valuation increases.

This graph shows, just like the revenue slide, the percentage for each of the expenditure categories.  Our wages and benefits are about 84% which is the norm.


Gregory Nickoli, Superintendent


Recognized Dalton Deel and parents and Morrow County Sheriff, John Hinton. 

Colton Penwell, EAP President

Stephen Raphael was present as EAP Representative


Stephen Raphael attending.

Gregory Nickoli, Superintendent

Board Policy Section 0164

Gregory Nickoli, Superintendent

Clay Frye, Director of Operations

PCTC Board Report- April Board of Education Meeting

May 16, 2022

Student Excellence and Achievement

Educational Experiences for Success and Competitive Advantage for Students

Communication and Community Advocacy

Engagement and Opportunities in the Community

Safe, Healthy and Functional Facilities that are Fiscally Responsible

Senior Moments ceremonies were held on Friday, May 6th in the morning and afternoon. Approximately 245 students were honored in each ceremony. Guest speakers were Mr. Doug Theaker, Pioneer Board of Education President and Ken Chang, 2022 Byron H. Carmean award winner- both speakers did a fantastic job. Pioneer Color Guard and Performing Arts students participated in the Presentation of Colors and singing the Star Spangled Banner.

3 Students from Pioneer’s Criminal Justice Program earned the Gold Medal at Ohio’s SkillsUSA competition in Columbus. They will travel to Atlanta the last week of June to compete in the National SkillsUSA contest. Summer Kennard (Willard), Rehgan Henry (Madison) and Amadia Aquirre (Shelby) won the Crime Scene Investigation contest and will represent Pioneer.

Our New Student Orientation program took place on Wednesday, May 11th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Students were welcomed into their labs and learned about schedules, supplies, student fees and tours were available for students. We had a very large turnout for the program as most labs had over half of their incoming classes in attendance.

With support of local our local military recruitment offices, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and Hale’s Harley-Davidson, Pioneer held our Student and Military Appreciation Day on Friday, May 13th.

The final day of school for students is May 26th and we will have a cookout for students served by Administrators.

Pioneer’s End-of-the-Year Staff Breakfast Celebration will be May 27th in the Cafeteria. Breakfast will begin at 8:00am.

Jolene Young, Asst. Director, High School

Dalton Deel, Homeland Security, Madison HS Senior Student.  Dalton is employed with Morrow County Jail.


Mr. Mike Grady, Board Member


Mr. Grady informed the Board that the new State Superintendent is Steve Dackin, an ex-member of the Ohio State Board of Education.  The State Board of Education voted 14-4 with one abstention in favor of approving Dackin.

The Legislature returned from Spring Break and is likely to resume Summer Break on June 8 and could possibly not return until after the November election.


Gregory Nickoli, Superintendent


Superintendent Nickoli reported as follows:

It’s so good to report that we continue to be “back to normal.”  This is a very busy time of the year with all the end-of-year responsibilities including partner school award assemblies and graduations.  The Pioneer Awards Assembly was was held on April 27 and was a tremendous success. Our students were awarded well-over $2 million in scholarships this year!  It is so rewarding to see our students recognized for their excellent work!! 

We will be doing the administrator year-end reviews in the next couple of weeks.  Most Administrators have been evaluated this year using the Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES) that is similar to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).  Our year-end administrator work session is scheduled for June 3, 2022 at Wynford High School.   At that time, we will review our current school year  progress, review our Strategic Plan initiatives, share relevant data and begin to plan for the 2022-2023 school year.  Additionally, we will be scheduling our Board Goal Setting Meeting for August.  Mr. Tom Applegate will once again be joining us on August 12th at a location to be determined.  You will receive an invitation including the time, date, and location of the meeting and an Agenda of the activities for the day later in the Summer.

We are finalizing our preparations to resolve the dispute between the OFCC and Vaughn Industries related to Pioneer’s HVAC system that was installed form 2009 to 2012 and replaced in 2018. Mike Grimwood, Jeff Payne, Linda Schumacher and I have been reviewing documents in an effort to share the difficulties that Pioneer experienced during the time between 2010 and 2018.


    • May 20 – Preschool Graduation


    • May 26 – Last Day for Students


    • May 26 – Adult Education Graduation


    • May 27 – End-of-Year Breakfast / Teacher Work Day


    • May 31 – June 3 – Staff Committee Work Days


    • June 3 – Administrative End-of-Year Meeting


    • Week of June 6 – Summer Hours Begin (Continues for 8 weeks)


With regret, I am recommending that you accept the resignations of Bobbi Eggeman and Alllison Schuster.  Bobbi has accepted a position at Medina County Career Center which is significantly closer to her home east of Wooster and Ally has accepted a position as a Project SEARCH Instructor at OhioHealth-Marion. 

I am excited to recommend the employment of several individuals.

Emma Jenkins, as a Math Instructor.  Emma comes to us from Ashland University by way of room East 110 at Pioneer. She did her student-teaching with us this Spring and did a tremendous job.  We are very excited to have her join the staff as a full-time instructor.

Tasha Lisle as a School Counselor.  Tasha comes to us from the Colonel Crawford Local Schools where she has several years of experience.  She also comes highly recommended by Mr. Martin, Colonel Crawford’s Superintendent and will be a tremendous advocate for our students.

Amy Lohr as our Medical Technologies Instructor. Amy comes to us from Avita Health Systems and North Central State College where she has served as the Clinical Nursing Instructor for several years.  We are excited to have someone with her background and expertise join our Career-Technical Staff.

Amanda Snipes, as an Intervention Specialist.  Amanda comes to us from the Marion City Schools where she has been an outstanding teacher of students with disabilities.  We are also thrilled to have Amanda join the staff at Pioneer.

We will very likely have 2 or 3 more vacancies as folks are working to move closer to home or into administrative positions.

All other personnel items are common for this time year.

Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Recommendation of Superintendent Gregory D. Nickoli that the following personnel recommendations be approved:

  • Accept resignation of Certificated personnel.
  • Approve employment of Certificated personnel.
  • Approve Professional Development / New Technology Extended Service for Certificated personnel.
  • Approve supplemental contracts of Certificated personnel.
  • Approve stipend contracts of Certificated personnel.
  • Approve Bus driver.
  • Accept retirement resignation of Part-time Classified personnel.
  • Approve employment of Part-time Classified personnel.
  • Approve Non-renewal of Substitute Classified personnel.
  • Accept resignation of Adult Education Instructor
  • Approve employment of Student Workers


No questions or discussion.  Sent to vote.

Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Recommendation of Superintendent Gregory D. Nickoli that the Clinical Agreement for Nurse Aide Training students be approved with Richland County Board of Developmental Disabilities.


No questions or discussion.  Sent to vote.

Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President

Recommendation of Superintendent Gregory D.Nickoli that we enter into Executive Session to consider the employment and/or dismissal of a public employee.

Mr. Douglas Theaker, Board President